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Pochetti on TO City Gossip May 23 2014

We are very proud to have been mentioned on the March 14th Feature Friday edition of TO City Gossip.

The complete article is below and can also be found online here.


#FeatureFriday – Pochetti

By  on March 14, 2014

Here we are again, celebrating another fabulous Toronto fashion fanatic. For today’s #FeatureFriday, we will be exploring the wonderful world of Pochetti. You are constantly rummaging through your wardrobe looking for the missing piece to complete your outfit and you are still looking. Luckily for us Vatché Pirjanian has recognized the need and is familiarizing us with the trendsetting, personalized and stylish –pocket squares.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Vatché and learned all the fabulousness surrounding Pochetti. It quickly was evident that his strong work ethic and stylish eye was a large contributor to establishing the perfect pocket square. I’m sure you are eager to hear all about Pochetti, so let’s get the ball rolling.


When did your love for fashion begin?
Ever since I was a kid, my father was my influence. He’s the kind of guy that even gets dressed up to go to the grocery store.  His theory is that you should always dress your best – since you never know who you might run into.  I have always been inspired by his old school look.

Who is your favourite Canadian designer?

How would you describe you personal style?
I like to be conservative with my suits and pocket squares for meetings, and a little more liberal with them for parties.  In my downtime, I am often dressing comfortable. I love Nike Air Force 1s and I have had a collection of over100 pairs.

Who wears Pochetti?
Generally those of the corporate world. As well as the men and women that paint the town red at the trendiest night-spots.  We have all sorts of customers – from advertising execs, attorneys, and real-estate developers, to nightclub promoters and even a few women who bought not only for their special guy – but also for themselves.  After all – who says chicks can’t wear pocket squares?

Where does Pochetti get inspirations for designs?
We carry anything from classic to over the wall. Whether you are looking for a solid black or trendy pattern, it is available at Pochetti.

Do you have any ten-year goals?
Yes, the pocket square brand of the world. You need a pocket square? Then come to Pochetti.

Why wear Pochetti?
Being well-dressed will never go out of style. A pocket square pulls an entire look together. You wouldn’t go out missing a shirt, so you should also not be missing a Pochetti pocket square.

Also, I have to say –the quality is flawless. Certainly something that can handle a little wear and tear and be a part of your wardrobe… forever.

What are tips for someone who has never worn a pocket square?
If you are daring go with a fun print, something to suit your personality. You can also never go wrong with a white linen pocket square. People always match; I say the opposite –be all about the contrast – if you’re scared of contrast then maybe just stay in the same colour family.

(May I add that Vatché looked fab in his Pochetti, “matching” his suit as he stayed in the family of purple).

What is in the future for Pochetti?
Soon, Squarescriptions will begin. For a monthly fee, you will receive a pocket square and never have to fret about missing the perfect accessory.


With an eye for individuality, love for Toronto and a business intuition –Pochetti will become the number one pocket square retailer, just like Vatché hopes for. With a price range beginning at $30, these all silk pocket squares and must have accessories are going to become a stable in everyone’s wardrobe.

Once again, thank you Vatché. We all look forward to following the steps Pochetti takes down the road of success. I can confidently say, I see a bright future and TCG is a huge fan.


Tweet me, which is your favourite Pochetti pocket square?
Andrea McDonald


Pochetti on February 23 2014

We are very proud to have been mentioned on the February 18th front page of noted website

The complete article is below and can also be found online here.


Something men ought to know about: these pocket squares by Toronto brand Pochetti

Risky Business @ Brassaii February 23 2014

Pochetti partnered with Kleen Media and Brassaii Restaurant and Lounge to host the Risky Business event on February 19th in Toronto's trendy King Street West area. 

A myriad of guests partied and danced the night away while showcasing their favourite Pochetti pocket squares.  Models recreated the epic scene from the hit Tom Cruise movie (while sporting white dress shirt paired with best-selling Pochetti pocket squares and Ray-Bans).

Music was provided by DJ Undercover and DJ Mike Toast.  James Yigitoz caught all of the action through the lens of his camera.

Pictures from the event can be seen here.


The Gentleman's Party @ EFS Toronto January 25 2014

Pochetti partnered with Dynamite Events, SetInStyle, and the John Doe Group to celebrate the first annual Gentleman's Party.  

The event took place on January 18th inside the walls of EFS on Toronto's famed King Street West.

550 guests partied and danced the night away while showcasing their favourite Pochetti pocket squares.  

Pictures from the event can be seen here.

How to Fold a Pocket Square November 07 2013

The Presidential or Newsman

  1. Lay the pocket square on a flat and clean surface as if it were a piece of paper.
  2. Fold the pocket square in half.
  3. Fold up the bottom just short of it meeting the top.  This is dependent on how deep your pocket is.
  4. Now tuck it into your pocket.

The One-Point


  1. Lay the pocket square flat with one corner facing up and one corner facing down.
  2. Fold one corner in so that you get two overlapping triangles.
  3. Fold one side of the triangle in.
  4. Do the same on the opposite side.
  5. Place in your jacket pocket with the point up.

The Two-Point

  1. Lay the pocket square flat with one corner facing up and one corner facing down.
  2. Fold the bottom corner up and just to the left of the top corner.
  3. Fold the left side in towards the right.
  4. Fold the right side in towards the left.
  5. Tuck as needed and place in your jacket pocket.

The Three-Point or Crown

  1. Lay the pocket square flat with one corner facing up and one corner facing down.
  2. Fold the bottom corner up just to the left of the top.
  3. To Fold the left side towards the right, and up to the right of the "middle peak".
  4. Fold the right side and straight across to the left.
  5. Tuck as needed and place in your jacket pocket.

The Casual or Puff 


  1. Lay the pocket square flat.
  2. As you pick up the Pocket Square from the middle, tuck the sides in.
  3. Hold the pocket square firmly with one hand, while using your other hand to gently gather it closed.
  4. Flip the pocket square upside down.
  5. Tuck as needed and place in your jacket pocket.  This fold should not be over-analyzed -- it needs to look casual and haphazard.




      The Gentlemen's Expo in Toronto November 07 2013

      The modern gentleman finally has a show to call his own. The Gentlemen’s Expo is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 22nd – 24th and will combine a conference and consumer show for both men, and the women in their lives.

      TGE expects to draw over 20,000 attendees and will be the must attend event of the year, providing a one of a kind experience with 10 pavilions that will feature celebrity guests, special events and the brands that matter most to guys.

      Speakers confirmed for the weekend thus far, include: W. Brett Wilson, Bruce Croxon and Jim Treliving from CBC’s hit show Dragons Den, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, and the man behind the success of the UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre, Firas Zahabi. Guests will have an opportunity to see these celebs throughout the weekend within the various pavilions featured at the show.

      Other speakers you can expect to see are: Alan Cross, celebrity chefs Rob Rainford and Chuck Hughes, and the star of History Channel’s hit show Restoration Garage, David Grainger. TGE will be hosted by Todd Shapiro.

      Guests will have an opportunity to wet their pallet, heighten their taste buds and snag some great deals from participating brands like: Canadian Club,, Presidents Choice Black Label, It’s Just Lunch, Dove Men’s + Care, and tons more.

      “Basically, we are giving people an opportunity to walk through the pages of their favourite magazine and physically experience the content” - Settimio Coscarella, Co Founder of TGE.

      One of the most unique features of The Gentlemen’s Expo is that $5.00 of every ticket sold will be donated to Movember Canada with a goal of raising over $100,000 to support Prostate Cancer research and men’s mental health initiatives. This will culminate in their attempt to break the World Record for having the largest gathering of men with a moustache on Sunday, November 24th.

      Tickets range between $30 for a day pass and $60 for a weekend pass, and can be purchased online at  Use Promo Code VPTGE to save $5.





      The History of Pocket Squares September 15 2013

      The use of pocket squares has gone from  hygiene (called a handkerchief) to making an outfit complete and elegant (the pocket square).

      From 2000 BCE Egyptians used white bleached linen pouches, while in Ancient Greece the nobles splashed perfume on their pocket squares and used them as handkerchiefs.  During the 9th century, Catholic clergymen wore handkerchiefs on their left arms as part of thei liturgical equipment.

      During the 19th Century, the French nobles used their perfumed pocket squares (or pochettes) to protect themselves against the awful smells that were everywhere.  Some contend that it was King Richard II of England who invented the handkerchief in 1390 – although not proven, he was certainly a proponent of its use.

      Originally, the handkerchief was tucked away in the pant pocket – where a used handkerchief belonged.This strict hygienic use changed during the 19th century with the increasing number of two-piece suits worn by men.  These well-dressed men began to put their pocket squares in the breast pocket of their jackets – to avoid getting them dirty from coins in their pant pockets.

      This habit became commonplace and, around the 1920s, the pocket square became a must-have fashion piece.  Since then, the pocket square has remained a staple of fine fashion and holds a special place in the breast pockets of well-dressed men.  The 60s revival of fashion as seen in shows like Mad Men has proven that pocket squares are, by all indications, the Missing Piece.